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Great Western Gems Inc. – What is a GREAT WESTERN “GEM”

 A Great Western “GEM” is any PERSON, PLACE or EVENT (or combination of these) somewhere In the western USA that would make a fascinating 15-minute segment in a family oriented 30-minute television show to air on network TV.

 1.   Great Western Gems should include the following to be considered for production:

    A.  Support the positioning statement (branding) of the show:  Great Western Gems “discover exciting events hidden places, intriguing characters… the best in the west comes alive in Great Western Gems.”

    B.  Lend itself to video “storytelling” with strong human-interest elements, fascinating topics and people, strong visual and audio HD production potential and interesting on-location “action.”

    C.  Be entertaining, with some sort of emotional pull whether it be fun, funny,  heart tugging, awe-inspiring, etc.  Include  “up close and personal” real people interviews, discussions and activities.

    D.  Focus on a featured “real” person (or people) who can host and guide the production through the show’s storyline.  Preferably, people involved will have some degree of celebrity and/or name recognition.

    E.  Have front-end potential to generate local, regional and national sponsorship revenues for the network television program, or valuable services and product trade in exchange for television exposure through ads or program credits.

    F.  Have potential for sale of DVDs of  TV programs to “Gem” featured  people places and events for their personal marketing or other uses.

    G.  Have potential to generate network show viewers to be Online or TV- PI direct-response customers for:

      • “Gem” DVDs & peripherals.
      • Travel services to “Gem” PLACES featured in programs including transportation, restaurants, lodging and GWG travel packages.
      • Tickets to events -entertainment, festivals, sports, shows etc.


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